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Corona del Mar, CA homes for sale

Corona del Mar, CA

Beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, California is best known for its beautiful weather, stunning natural wonders, and, of course, its glorious beaches. With miles and miles of coastline, it is a veritable haven for those who love the sun, surf, and sea.

One place stands out among the rest and greatly showcases the best of what California has to offer – Corona del Mar. Situated in the city of Newport Beach, Corona del Mar is a seaside neighborhood generally known for its sandy beaches, affluent lifestyle, tide pools, and cliffside views. A place established by the sea and developed over the years to utilize and maximize the perks of living by the Pacific Coast, it’s not hard to see how Corona del Mar got a name that literally translates to “Crown of the Sea.”

How Corona del Mar became the community it is today

Corona Del Mar Beach Coconut Trees viewCorona Del Mar Beach Top View

Corona del Mar spans an area that was part of Spanish land grants, which was then sold to James Irvine in 1875. Upon his death, his son became the owner of the Irvine Ranch, which became a farm. In succeeding years, the area suffered several years of drought, and given these conditions, Irvine decided to sell 700 acres of coastal property to George E. Hart in 1904.

Hart sought to make the area part of a chain of beach towns and named it Corona del Mar. He began subdividing it the year he purchased the land and offering lots for sale, yet sales were slow given the lack of access to the neighborhood, with the first houses being built only in 1910. Sales continued to be sluggish, with only a dozen more homes being built five years after the first one and fewer than 100 lots being sold. In 1916, Corona del Mar changed hands and was taken over by F.D. Cornell Co.

One of Cornell's first moves was to rename the area to Balboa Palisades to associate the area with the popular Balboa neighborhood, but residents preferred the original name. Cornell eventually passed on the neighborhood to WS Sparr. With Corona del Mar being annexed by Newport Beach, the neighborhood became easier to reach and it began to receive city services.

In its earliest years, Corona del Mar played host to various film productions, such as “Cleopatra” in 1917 and “The Count of Monte Cristo” in 1922. The succeeding decades saw the further development of the area, with the construction of the Coast Highway and various landmarks. Corona del Mar saw its population pick up in the late 1940s, when veterans who were coming home after World War II purchased the available lots in the area.

By the 1950s and 1960s, Corona del Mar saw a significant growth in the number of residential developments, such as Cameo Highlands and Irvine Terraces, which remain among the premier communities in the town today. With the growing population, an increasing number of businesses set up shop in the area, from restaurants to boutiques and theaters. As a result, Corona del Mar took on an image of a bustling seaside town, drawing in visitors and prospective residents.

The perks of living in Corona del Mar, CA

father and child at the beach

Today’s Corona del Mar is a far cry from its beginnings. Now the neighborhood, which locals call CdM, is in demand even as prices continue to climb. Living in a home by the sea is a dream to many people and it is not without merit. Living in a place like Corona del Mar provides perks more than just having an enviable home.

A great change of scenery

If you’re tired of city life, Corona del Mar is the perfect place for you. With its glorious view of the ocean and its beautiful surroundings, it is the place to escape from the density of urban living.

A different lifestyle

With relaxing scenery comes a more relaxed lifestyle. New residents of Corona del Mar find it the kind of place that simply beckons you to slow down, relax, and enjoy the surroundings.

If you’ve always wanted a change of pace and experience living in a balmier and friendlier neighborhood, Corona del Mar is more than enough to satisfy your needs.

An excellent place for your physical and mental health

Corona del Mar provides plenty of opportunities for you to unwind and do the things you love. Enjoy the sights and sounds of its floral-themed streets. Explore the many beaches. In Corona del Mar, you’re always a few minutes away from a quiet moment of meditation or a fun-filled activity alone or with friends and family.

A place to enjoy the next chapter of your life

The pleasures of oceanside living, the picturesque location, the temperate climate, the opportunities to remain active and engaged, the presence of retirement residences and communities, and amenities that all can enjoy make Corona del Mar an ideal place for retirees. Condos near the historic Goldenrod Footbridge allow easy access to the beach. And the satisfactory peace and order situation engenders a feeling of security that allows retirees to savor their days of leisure.

These are just some of the perks of living in Corona del Mar. Purchasing a property in this wonderful place not only brings you a new home in a new zip code; it also gives you the option to discover a new way of living and quite possibly a new you.

Corona del Mar's top attractions

Corona Del Mar Beach Stone FormationsBlue Starfish and Orange Starfish

Nestled on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Corona del Mar is a community that fully encapsulates the Southern California dream – life with an unimpeded view of sweeping ocean vistas with that easygoing, laidback lifestyle. It is the place to be especially if you want to experience a luxurious life by the sea.

Situated within Newport Beach, Corona del Mar allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of city life without being too far removed from the city. Often considered a community within a community with its unique blend of coastal urban and suburban lifestyle, Corona del Mar’s neighborhoods offer generous choices and avenues to help you live the life you dream of.

While generally a residential community, the place offers easy access to an array of places to visit and things to do and many more points of interest that can be visited in town or just a short drive away.

  • The Sherman Library & Gardens is one of Corona del Mar’s most famous attractions for locals and tourists alike. It is an impressive botanical garden perfect for those who appreciate quiet strolls and relaxing afternoons surrounded by a well-curated collection of impressive flora inside a well-designed structure.

  • The Goldenrod Footbridge, constructed in 1928, was given a historic status by the Newport Beach Parks, Beach Parks and Recreation Commission in 2014. The footbridge provided a quicker way for people to get to the beach back in the day when the area only had 2,000 residents. Today, beyond the welcoming archway, the path is lined by myriad flowers where strollers can bask in sight on the way to Corona del Mar’s famous beaches.

  • Corona del Mar State Beach is a protected beach boasting half a mile of sandy shores and framed by cliffs and a jetty. A favorite of families, it’s a great place to swim and explore coves. The beach has two distinct areas:

    • Big Corona Beach refers to the most visited area. Here, much of the action happens, including activities like beach volleyball, surfing, and diving.
    • Little Corona Beach is a secluded portion located at the end of a ravine called Buck Gully. This rocky cove is a favorite among scuba divers, snorkelers, and those keen on exploring the fascinating marine life visible just beneath the eddies of Corona del Mar’s famous tide pools.
  • The newly renovated Grant Howland Park reopened in May this year after a yearlong renovation that cost $6.3 million. The playground has been overhauled, a synthetic multipurpose sports field installed to save 2 million gallons of water a year, new lighting, a prettified frontage, and new landscaping. The park was first developed in 1952 and named after a civic leader who built youth recreation facilities. The latest renovation features plenty of fun, new play structures; a sandy “beach” area; and two playgrounds suitable for 2-to-5 year olds and 5-to-12 year olds.

  • Fashion Island in Newport Beach answers the need for a little brick-and-mortar shopping. Ask for a personal shopper to accompany you for styling advice or gift-buying needs – the service is free of charge. Have the items you shopped delivered to your home. Attend weekend live concerts and enjoy the seasonal menus of their restaurants.

  • While in Newport, you can also drop by and visit the Crystal Cove State Park. Experience 3.2 miles of beach area, the 2,400-acre backcountry wilderness, and its expansive underwater offshore area. You can also immerse yourself in a bit of history by touring the rustic coastal cottages first erected in the 1930s and 1940s.

The schools and facilities of Corona del Mar, CA

throwing graduation hats

For those looking to settle down, Corona del Mar offers more than gorgeous attractions and scenic views. It’s also a nice, warm, and friendly community with an environment that “prepares people for success,” said one long-time resident.

Indeed, the community has several high-performing educational institutions, such as Corona del Mar Middle and High School, Harbor View Elementary, and Lincoln Elementary School. A few private educational institutions are also found here, such as Harbor Day School, which has programs for students up to the eighth grade.

The specialist institution, Newport Academy, offers day schools as part of their therapeutic programs to help teens recover from traumas manifested in mental health or substance use issues. The school customizes its academic curriculum to suit each student while providing therapeutic care.

Corona del Mar homes for sale

view of the pacific ocean on a cliffmodern luxury living room with ocean view

An idyllic community set in a gorgeous location, Corona del Mar offers real estate that is highly sought after by luxury property buyers. Corona del Mar’s homes for sale fully showcase the best of what Orange County has to offer – from cottage-style bungalows and original 1920s Spanish Revivals to Contemporary-style properties.

The condos in Corona del Mar are just as impressive, boasting front and back units and several rooftop decks.

Wherever you choose to live, Corona del Mar imbues your residence with everything that others covet, from brilliant sunsets to a sense of tranquility, the luxury of ocean views to the luxury of owning a slice of paradise.

There is nothing quite like Corona del Mar anywhere in the US. Which is why homes here are worth the price of admission.

The median listing home price in Corona del Mar is $3.9 million, the median listing home price per square foot is $1,400, and the median sold home price is $4 million, according to

You can purchase a 2-bedroom detached condo close to town for $1.3 million or a $22 million 3-story Contemporary oceanfront home with multiple views that put the word "breathtaking" to shame.

In between, there are dozens and dozens of residential options in an array of architectural styles and price points. Choose the luxury home that has your name on it, with features and amenities that check the most important boxes on your wishlist.

Search for homes with square footage of up to 12,000 with designs that are specifically tailored to let as much of Corona del Mar’s beauty into the home. Browse top-tier properties along Bayside Drive and Ocean Boulevard. Scroll through terrific luxury home listings in places like Cameo Shores, Corona Highlands, Shore Cliffs, and Irvine Terraces with lower price tags.

Every property in Corona del Mar offers the kind of luxe appointments worthy of the discerning homebuyers who choose to live here.

Corona del Mar homes for sale are a good investment

mortgage graph with ascending price arrow

The property you purchase now in Corona del Mar can even be more desirable and highly sought after in the future. This is great news for investors or homeowners planning to upgrade, downsize, or move elsewhere down the road.

On top of that, a property in Corona del Mar can provide you with new revenue streams. Investors or secondary homeowners who don’t plan to live in Corona del Mar year-round can lease their property for short-term or long-term stays.

Owners can also seek out co-ownership options on homes should they decide to stay in Corona del Mar part-time. Consult your real estate agent to discuss the pros and cons of this arrangement.

Take your first steps to owning a Corona del Mar home for sale

If you’ve made up your mind and decided to purchase your own piece of paradise in Corona del Mar, The Isley Tapie Group is ready to work with you. Comprising a team of Orange County natives with a combined 30 years of experience and a proven track record in the industry, we employ our in-depth knowledge of the area and the industry itself to deliver flawless service to our clients.

More than simply showing and selling properties, our team of highly knowledgeable real estate agents make sure we establish long-lasting relationships with our clients, providing them with honest guidance and information about the local real estate market. This helps us stay in sync with our clients’ wants and needs while making the property search and purchasing process a fun and interesting one.

We love the fact that we can work with people that we like and connect with on a personal level. We help our clients articulate their problems, wants, and desires and speak to them using situations they can relate to. We embrace growth and innovation to help homebuyers and home sellers reach their real estate goals more efficiently.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Just get in touch with us via email at [email protected]. You can also drop us a message here.

To contact us individually:

Our office address is:

  • Seven Gables Real Estate 2737 E. Coast Highway Corona del Mar, CA 92625

Our office address is:

  • Seven Gables Real Estate 2737 E. Coast Highway Corona del Mar, CA 92625

You can also follow us also on Instagram (@isleytapiegroup) to find out more about available listings and to get a preview of the lifestyle in the Corona del Mar neighborhoods you’re interested in.

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